Terms and Conditions of Use

There Terms and Conditions of Use ('Agreement') govern relations between the owner of the domain located at spacemlm.eu (hereinafter referred to as 'Management Team') and User – a legal person registered at http://i.socialcrm.ru (hereinafter referred to as 'Website') on the terms specified in the present Agreement.


Terms and Definitions:

1.1. Website – the website used by Management Team as a property for the purposes of User servicing.

1.2. Website User Registration – consistent performing of all actions listed on Website login page that implies voluntary, full and unconditional acceptance of all provisions of the present Agreement.



2.1. Management Team renders information services to User concerning the sale of materials posted on Website both for compensation and free of charge.


Rights and Obligations of Management Team


3.1. Management Team shall:

3.1.1. grant a 24-hour access to Website according to the terms of the present Agreement excluding the suspension periods on the ground of Section 3.2.2.;

3.1.2. make general technical and institutional arrangements in order to secure Users's information security;

3.1.3. strictly observe the privacy policy;

3.1.4. render services for User' benefit;

3.1.5. timely inform User about forthcoming preventive maintenance.


3.2. Management Team is entitled to:

3.2.1. amend and modify the Agreement according to Section 7;

3.2.2. suspend Website operation in case of any defects, errors and faults in hardware/software, for preventive maintenance or in order to prevent unauthorized access to Website;

3.2.3. initiate (at its sole discretion) any promotional campaigns in order to attract registered Users as well as other third parties for using Website services;

3.2.4. use any specified phone numbers, e-mails and other contact information for sending textual and graphic information for advertising purposes. User authorizes collection, processing and storage of personal data as well as direct mail textual and graphic advertising.  

3.2.5. change (modify) and/or remove (at its sole discretion) any information posted by User in case it violates the prohibitions and restrictions set in Section 6 of the present Agreement; suspend, restrict or withdraw access to all and any sections and services of Website at any time, with or without prior notice;

3.2.6. delete User's account and/or suspend, restrict or withdraw the access to any of the services in case it constitutes a threat to Website and/or other users.

Rights and Obligations of User


4.1. User shall:

4.1.1. strictly observe the privacy policy as well as prohibitions and restrictions (Section 6);

4.1.2. be familiarized with the possible amendments of the present Agreement specified in Section 7.

4.1.3. not take any actions that can result in direct or indirect damage of Management Team and tarnish its reputation as well as obstruct Website proper functioning;


4.1.4 provide relevant and reliable personal data according to the requirements specified on login page as well as update the data provided during initial registration in the event of any changes;

4.1.5. take appropriate measures in order to secure login and password security for authorization;

4.1.6. purchase all the services rendered by Management Team as well as any other materials obtained via Website services for a compensation according to the set prices.


4.2. User is entitled to:

4.2.1. use any Website resources for obtaining information services and material in case User proved to be a legal person at the time of registration.


Liability of the Parties


5.1 Management Team is not liable for complete or partial interruption of Website operation related to replacement/failures of hardware, software, repair, maintenance or other provider works and in any other cases beyond the reasonable control of Management Team.

5.2.Management Team is not liable for ensuring User's hardware and software security used for the access.

5.3. Management Team is not liable for any damage and/or lost profits of User and/or other third parties resulted from using Website services and/or acquired materials.

5.4. User is liable for due performance of the obligations under the present Agreement according to the legislation of its residence country.


Prohibitions and Restrictions


User shall not:

6.1. use Website services in any manner that can obstruct the proper functioning;  

6.2. mislead Management Team as well as deliberately distort personal data including age, personal qualities and relations with other users, third parties or companies;

6.3. post or otherwise publicize any personal data including addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, passport details as well as any other personal data of other users or any third parties without their written consent; obtain and extort any confidential information of other users and/or third parties.

6.4. post any files containing viruses and/or other malware including malicious links;

6.5. take actions resulting in Website unfair advertising or adverse publicity;

6.6. commit any other unlawful acts abusing Management Team, other users or third parties.


Alteration of Terms


7.1. Management Team is entitled (at its sole discretion) to modify and/or amend the present Agreement at any time. Management Team is to post any amendments on this page. Further use of Website resources by User means the acceptance of these modifications and/or amendments.

7.2. The latest version of the present agreement replaces all the previous agreements between Management Team and User. The earlier version shall be deemed invalid and cannot be viewed as a fundamental document governing the relations between User and Management Team. In case of disagreement with modifications and/or amendments to the present Agreements, User shall stop using Website resources.


Disputes settlement

8.1. In the event of any dispute relating to or arising out of this Agreement, the parties shall use their best efforts to settle such disputes by negotiations. In case the parties cannot resolve a dispute by negotiations, it shall be finally resolved in authorized judicial authorities at the defendant’s location according to the legislation of its residence country.